The King's table is a game that I created with a group of friends in our GameDesign 1: Board Games Course  Below you can find the rulebook for your game including how to play and the components needed.


The King’s Table

Players: 3-5   Playtime: 30-50 Minutes   Ages 9+


As the Marshall gets ready to marry The Princess, the Huntsman strikes a bet with the Innkeeper to have his animals make it to the King’s Table and back. You take on the role of the animals who are trying to make it all the way to the King’s Table and back to the Inn with a feast fit for a King.




  1. Components

  • The Game Board

  • 5 Character Tokens (Hare, Fox, Wolf, Lion, and Bear)

  • 33 Action Cards (Marked with an “A” on the back of the card)

  • 29 Event Cards (Marked with an “E” on the back of the card)

  • 30 Big Gold Tokens (Each worth Four Gold)

  • 42 Single Gold Tokens




    2. Setup

  • Place the Game Board in the center of the play area where it can easily be reached by all players.

  • Separate the Event and Action Cards into two decks and shuffle each deck.

  • Separate the Single Gold Tokens and Big Gold Tokens into two piles and place them in an easily accessible area.

  • Players choose to play as one of the five animals and set their piece in its respective lane.

    • The youngest player gets to choose and go first. Turn order is clockwise.

  • Once setup is complete, the game can begin!


3. Starting the Game


Initial Board Setup:

4. Goal

The goal of The King’s Table is to take your animal all the way to the King’s Castle at the end of the board and then all the way back to the Inn at the starting position.




5. Turn Order

  1. Choose whether you want to bet on the top action card or not (See Betting)

  2. Collect four gold tokens.

  3. Players may perform all of the following actions once:

    1. Move: Pay up to ten of their available gold to move that number of spaces (See Movement Section)

    2. Play a Card: Play a single Action Card (See Action Card section).

    3. Save their Gold and not move or bet.

  4. When a player lands on a “Draw Event Card” tile, that player draws an Event Card and immediately takes the action specified (See Event Card section)




6. Movement

Moving through the board in The King’s Table is done by paying gold. Upon collecting four gold at the beginning of the turn, players can pay to move their animal across the board. The cost of movement is as follows:


  • 1 gold = 1 space

  • 3 gold = 2 spaces

  • 6 gold = 3 spaces

  • 12 gold = 4 spaces.


If the player lands on either of the special tiles (Draw Event Card or Go Back a Space), these take effect immediately, regardless of whose turn it is or how you landed there. Once a player reaches the King’s Table and is ready to return back to the Inn, that player should flip their piece over and proceed moving back towards the Inn.  If a player would be moved back behind The King’s Table, after they have already passed it, then they flip their token and begin moving like they have not passed The Table yet.


EX: Jim sees that the second space in front of him is a Draw Event Card space. After collecting four gold at the beginning of the turn, Jim pays three gold to land on the Draw Event Card space. Upon landing on the “Draw Event Card” space, he immediately draws an Event card. The Event card says to move forward one space, so he immediately moves forward and discards the Event card.


On Adam’s turn, he collects his four gold and pays six to move forward three spaces. The first spot he lands on is the end of the King’s Castle. Before he begins to go back towards the Inn, he flips his token over. This allows other players to know that he is on the way back to the Inn.




7. Betting

At the beginning of your turn, before collecting your gold you can choose whether or not you would like to bet on the top action card of the deck. You can bet any number of gold on the card. Once an initial bet is made every other player has the option to bet immediately going around in turn order. Once it gets back to the initial player then the betting is done. The action card goes to the highest better, if someone matches a bet then no one gets the card, all the gold goes back to the gold piles.


EX: Jim decides that he wants to bet on an Action Card, so he places two gold as his bet. Dave is up next, but decides not to bet. Rachel bets three gold, so she is the highest bidder. Adam and Marie both decide not to bet on when it comes to them. After everyone has bet Rachel gets the card since she bet the highest amount..




8. Action Cards

Action Cards allow players to take extra, unique actions either on themselves or on each other. During the game, players have no limit to the amount of Action Cards in hand, but can only play one per turn. Some of these cards send other players back spaces or give you permanent bonuses, like the Golden Bird which gives an extra gold per turn to the player who pulled it. These cards can help turn the tide when it looks like you’re about to lose and are acquired only through betting and the Event Cards. In the event that the Action Cards deck runs out, take all of the discarded cards and reshuffle them into a deck and place them back face down.




9. Event Cards

If a player lands on a space marked “Event”, they draw an Event Card and perform the action described. Each player has different Event Card spaces in different locations of the board. Some of these cards give effects such as moving you forward spaces or giving you gold. However, not all of these cards are positive. Some can have effects such as moving you back spaces, or even making you lose gold. This makes the Event Card spaces a toss up to land on. If the Event Cards deck runs out, take all of the discarded cards and reshuffle them into a deck and place them back face down.


EX: On Rachel's turn, she pays three to move two spaces. She lands on an Event Card space. When she draws the card it reads, “Go back two Spaces.” Rachel must then immediately go back two spaces from the Event Card space and discard the card she drew. If she were to land on another Event Card space or a movement space, those spaces take effect as well.




10.  Animal Abilities

Each animal in The King’s Table has their own unique abilities. These can be used on themselves, or on other players depending on what the abilities are. You may use your animal’s ability at any point throughout your turn.


  • Hare: Burst of speed, once every other turn 6 gold for 4.

  • Bear: has more powerful card effects

  • Lion: Pay two gold to roar at another player: once per turn, makes another player’s movement cost more. (3 for 1 space, 6 for 2 spaces, 12 for 3 spaces).

  • Fox: if the fox gets to draw an action card draw two and choose which one to keep. The other goes to the discard pile.

  • Wolf: Once per turn order when they land on an event card space, draw two choose where one effect goes the other effects you.




11. The Witch’s Forest

The Witches Forest is the row of tiles marked with the forest across the board. While for most of the game these spaces have no effect, they are referenced in Action Cards. Some of these actions include moving a player to the nearest Witches Forest behind them, or moving all players to the Witches Forest nearest the player who played it.




12. Ending the Game

The game is completed when one player reaches their original position on the board after traversing the whole board down and back. Players do not need to move an exact number of spaces to win and any extra gold paid has no effect on the winner or other players. If you reach the Inn while it is not your turn (due to the effect of other player’s cards), then you win at the start of your turn.




13. Commonly Asked Questions


Q: Can I bet during another person’s turn?

A: No.


Q: When are Event Cards played?

A: Immediately upon drawing them.


Q: When can Action Cards be played?

A: Action Cards can only be played on the cardholder’s turn.


Q: How many Action Cards can you play on your turn?

A: You can play only one Action Card per turn and only on your turn.


Q: What happens if a player uses an Action Card to move another player back so they are going towards the Castle again instead of back towards the Inn?

A: That player would then turn their token back to the other side, and move as if they had not passed The King’s Table yet.






Chase Kurkowski - Lead Designer

Ty Loveland - Designer

Perry Devlin - Designer

Ashlye Kaczmarek - Designer