Producer, Designer

Lingering Legacy is a 3rd person action-adventure game where you play as a spirit guardian, who is bestowed with the duty of eliminating the demons that roam the world. As the player, you will experience immersive fights with demons and fauna as you explore the world, following the goddess of knowledge guidance to achieve a balance once again.


Dying In LA is the title of the music video that I produced during my time in the Bradley University Hollywood Semester. Here you can find the official video, scans of the work I did along with behind the scenes photos. 

Mercy's Wings

Founder, Sponsor, Producer

Mercy's Wings was an Overwatch tournament between Bradley University and Syracuse University. These two teams went head to head in a competition to raise money for The Bianca Foundation, to help fight for mental health. 

Children of Danvers

Team Lead, Lead Creative Director

Children of Danvers is a first-person survival horror game that takes place in the 1930’s at the infamous Danvers Mental Institution for children. This game is currently in development and is being made in Unity.

change Lab
Brain Planes

Game Design Intern

Change Lab is where I was given the amazing opportunity to intern with highly talented and loving people. I was the game designer on their segment titles Brain Planes. More Information will come upon the release of the game. 

Ursa Major

Designer, Artist, Social Media Director

Ursa Major is a co-op bullet hell shooter. Player one controls Ursa Major, a bear fighting to retake his home. Player two controls Ursa Minor, a skilled gunman and loyal ally. The players must work together to help the duo reclaim the forest from robots.

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