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Ashlye Kaczmarek

Producer & Game Designer

Published to IOS and Android

Unity Developer

Implemented UI Functionality

Design Achievement System

Rework and design audio management

Producer, Designer

Published to steam

Implemented UI Functionality

Designed UI

Designed Tutorial Layout

Layed out Narrative Structure

Created Art Bible

Organized Trello and Jira

Hired Team Members

Created Timelines

Delegated work to proper teams

Designer, Programmer

Published to IOS and Android

Implemented UI Functionality

Designed Pepper Powers

Designed Egg Drops

Center Panel.png

Game Design Intern

Wrote the GDD

Constructed the Gray Box Level Design

Organized Trello 

Prototyped Modules

Held Meetings

Hitmarker Interview

"We sat down with the talented

@AshuriiYuki Game Designer and Owner of AshuriiYuki Productions LLC, to discuss all things #gamedesign, and launching your own business."


Ashlye Kaczmarek was having 0 luck getting into the industry after getting her Bachelors degree in Game Design. After a year and a half of being told no, she decided to tell herself yes. Come join as she tells her story and philosophy of opening your own door in the industry as an Indie Dev. How can we be the change that our industry needs?

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