Previously known as We Who Linger, which was started by the Bradley University 2018-19 capstone,  Lingering Legacy is a 3rd person action-adventure game where you play as a spirit guardian, who is bestowed with the duty of eliminating the demons that roam the world. As the player, you will experience immersive fights with demons and fauna as you explore the world, following the goddess of knowledge guidance to achieve a balance once again.

Debut Date: April 25th 2020

My Role and Job

I am the Producer, Team Lead, Designer and Artist for Last Hope. This game is a part of Bradley University's Game Capstone 2020.

My Duties Include

  • Organizing all files.

  • Creating timelines for milestones and keeping the team on schedule.

  • Scheduling meetings and milestones.

  • Communicating with team members to make sure we are on the same design page.

  • Organization of Jira.

  • Drive morale and keep everyone in a good mindset.

  • Quality checking to make sure all assets and creations are up to the standards and style of the game.

  • Crisis Control, Keeping the peace and making sure if there are issues, we are able to raise above them and continue.

  • Assist the design team in creating a cohesive story line and world.

  • Create all UI assets for the art team, that is cohesive with the games art style and feel.