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LingeringLegacy is a 3rd person action-adventure game where you play as a spirit guardian, who is bestowed with the duty of eliminating the demons that roam the world. As the player, you will experience immersive fights with demons and fauna as you explore the world, following the goddess of knowledge guidance to achieve a balance once again.

Team Lead & Producer

Lingering Legacy's team is a small group of passionate developers. Due to being a small team, I get the experience of wearing multiple hats and learning about different aspects of game design. 

Team Lead

 As the Team Lead, While we were still university project, I was In charge of creating turn in documents, reporting to the professors and keeping the team going. After graduation and when we became an Indie team, I became in charge of making executive decisions in all departments, taking care of legal paper work and guiding the team. 


As a producer I keep the development process organized and on time. My tasks also bleed into marketing, social media, and PR.

My responsibilities include

  • Organizing the Trello Page

  • Delegating work to departments and individuals

  • Organizing the google drive

  • Creating the steam page

  • Managing all corrisponance with steam for release. 

  • Creating all graphics for marketing, social media and videos

  • Editing all videos for social media and trailers

  • Contacting Streamers and promotional partners

  • Creating contracts with streamers to promote the game

  • Create promotional packages 

  • Hand Make the promotional items such as t-shirts, 3d resin statues, stickers and more

  • Conduct meetings with the team

  • Take meeting notes

  • Interview and hire new candidates

  • Lead StandUps with each team

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