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The world is under siege from aliens! Human technology has proven useless against the advanced, extra-terrestrial attacks and things are looking grim. After trying every known method of defense we are turning to unorthodox measures of protecting Earth. All hope has nearly been lost when suddenly a hero emerges from the most unlikely of places. Hailing from a small farm in Iowa comes Hot Wings, a mutant chicken with the unique ability to defeat aliens with her incredible abilities! Control Hot Wings as she scrambles to eat a variety of peppers and obtain Pepper Powers to fight off the invading aliens! Use attacks such as fire breathing, water spewing, and electric shocking against a variety of enemies, all with their own unique weakness. Stand your ground and survive as long as possible in a fast-paced, alien-frying, frenzy that is fun for all ages!


User Interface Demo


As a programmer for Hot Wings, I worked specifically on the functionality of the User Interface. I made menus and individual buttons to navigate to different menu pages, as well as creating tutorial popups for the game.


The design for Hot Wings was a collaborative work between 8 other designers. We bounced ideas off of each other and worked together to build upon each other's inspiration.

I specifically focused on designing the Pepper powers and how they would affect enemies and how the chicken can drop peppers as eggs to create an AOE attack. 

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