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Disclaimer: out of respect for the studio, I will not be adding images or gifs of the unity game until it has been released. 

Change Lab™ is an EdTech company that provides innovative and unique educational courses and experiences for the nonprofit industry. The concept began in earnest in 2016 through the lens and learning experiences of a team of development professionals in Boston and California, to whom I will forever be grateful. All I knew was that I wanted everyone to love fundraising and nonprofits as much as I did. I knew then that as the demand for education was exploding, it was clear that what any of us offered was, at best, stagnant – full of lectures, slides, books, and videos. The research into the retention rate of 15% for that model was shocking.

The best learning, we knew, was one-on-one with a great boss and/or mentor. Unfortunately, they are often few and far between. Educational methods needed an overhaul. As we talked and talked it became clear that what we wanted was to bring technology to a vastly underserved nonprofit sector. Ideas began to emerge, retention was suddenly at 80%+, talent was tapped and voila, we were in the educational gamification business.

We took our many years of nonprofit experience and brought forward what our shared learning told us: creating better fundraising and management outcomes for nonprofit organizations requires education that actually sticks and can be made available to all. It’s that simple.

Change Lab is designed to re-cast the net and gather those pearls of learning that will make all the difference to nonprofit staff, board and volunteers. The thinking courses as I call them, as well as the interactivity, allow us to teach by doing, not by telling. And, by the way, it’s fun. At the Intermediate level, a coach is available to help with implementation back at the ranch.

Our story will launch in mid 2021, when we bring our first course online at Pretty thrilling.  
Nancy Brimhall, Founder

Game Designer

As a game designer for Change Labs, I was in charge of prototyping different modules for the course. Specifically I prototyped the segment titled Major Donor Round Table. 

I came up with two different prototypes for this. The first started out on paper. I organized the profiles for each Major Donor and included their backgrounds. I spent time talking with Nancy Brimhall, The founder of Change labs and Brimhall & Associates to learn more about the real life process of gaining donors in a round table experience. Since this was meant to be a training module for future philanthropists, i wanted to give the buyer as close to the real life experience as i could. Following this meeting I was able to sit down with my fellow designers and brain storm how the mechanics would work. We knew that they would have knowledge from the previous modules so we played on that as a test to see if they had retained the information. I came up with having each card, seen in the document below, acting as a seat for the character. It would give you a portion of their background information and potentially how they relate to you and other candidates. It is your job as the trainee to pick the best candidates for your final round table based on the information given and how they relate to each other

Paper Prototype Break Down

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