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Children of Danvers

Children of Danvers is a first-person survival horror game that takes place in the 1930’s at the infamous Danvers Mental Institution for children. You start out in the year 1901 as a patient named Damian who has survived several torturous years at the hospital with his sister Mckenna. You experience escaping the asylum but are left with the pain of leaving your sister behind. Several years later, after the abandonment of Danvers, you return in search of your sisters belonging and her file. Though it seems the spirits of Danvers are not too pleased with your return.


Children of Danvers is currently being created in Unity.  It will be published under my company AshuriiYuki Productions LLC on PC.


Currently, the game development is on hold 

Click here to see what I currently have done in the game

Positions on Team
Creative Director
Lead Designer
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